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Burke’s Oasis Caribbean & West Indian Restaurant

Burke’s Oasis Caribbean & West Indies Restaurant

Authentic Caribbean and West Indian Cuisines 

Our restaurant specializes in serving authentic dishes from West Indies and the Caribbean.


About Our Business

Burke’s Oasis Caribbean & West Indian Restaurant is a restaurant located in Hartford, Connecticut that serves authentic west Indian and Jamaican cuisine. We also offer online delivery and catering services!

Our Mission

Vision. & Mission: The objectives for “Burke’s Oasis Caribbean & West Indian Restaurant” for the first five years of operation is: a. Grow two units within the first five years. Burke’s Oasis will strive to be the premier specialty restaurant in the South End of Hartford, CT. We want our guest to have the total experience of the Caribbean & West Indian Islands, not only with a great meal, but also by being provided with the atmosphere. We will be doing unique things, such as Island style brunches, and West Indian Festival and Holiday celebrations. Our focus will be concentrated on four major areas:

a. We will serve quality food for a competitive price, with a large selection of Caribbean & West Indian Cuisine.

b. Our customer service support will show that we want to be the restaurant of choice for families and singles, young and old, male and female.

c. Employee welfare will be equally important to our success. We want our employees to feel, very much part of the success of Burke’s Oasis. Happy employees make happy guests.

d. We will combine menu variety, atmosphere, ambiance, and friendly service to create a sense of “place” in order to reach our goals. 

Meet the Owners

Dr. Dexter C. Burke

Amber M. Burke

 Archbishop Dr. Dexter C. Burke’s, passion for great food and his experience in restaurant management, coupled with his love for community and strong customer service skills, is a great asset to the business.

A Caribbean native by birth, he has travelled to every West Indian Island and a large number of Caribbean countries and understands both the rich historical tradition as well as the importance of authentic spices and ingredients that contribute to Caribbean and west Indian dishes.

Archbishop Burke has lived in Connecticut for over 25 years where he has served extensively in various capacities. He holds degrees in Communication, Biblical Studies, and Divinity.  A veteran of the US Navy, he has received numerous awards, citations and congressional certificates for community involvement and spiritual leadership.

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